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Welcome to Melba (The Journal of Machine Learning for Biomedical Imaging), a web-based journal devoted to the free and unrestricted access of high quality articles in the broad field that bridges machine learning and biomedical imaging.

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2021/10/22 – New website!

We are excited and proud to unveil the new Melba website, which will take the place of the old Scholastica one.


2021/09/24 – MELBA-MIDL 2020 special issue

We are pleased to announce the first MELBA special issue on selected papers from the Medical Imaging with Deep Learning (MIDL). All papers can be found on the MELBA website:


2020/12/11 – MELBA publishes its first article!

We are pleased to announce that MELBA has published its first article: “An Uncertainty-Driven GCN Refinement Strategy for Organ Segmentation”. This paper presents an extension of the authors’ MIDL 2020 paper and is included in the MIDL 2020 Special Issue. A video presentation of the work can be found here:


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