IPMI 2021 special issue


Information Processing in Medical Imaging (IPMI) is one of the longest-running conference series in medical imaging, founded in 1969. The conference has a number of traditions, ranging from unrestricted discussion time, via reading groups and a conference choir, to a soccer game. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 conference was held virtually, still holding on to as many traditions as possible. The conference had 150 attendees, and featured both the traditional reading groups and a far less traditional virtual conference venue to recreate the community feeling known from physical IPMI conferences as much as possible (including the soccer game!).

IPMI 2021 received 200 valid submissions, of which 59 were accepted for publication at the conference. From these, 29 papers were invited to submit an extended journal version to the first special edition of the MELBA journal associated with an IPMI conference.

Out of the invited papers, we received 11 submissions, which all underwent a new peer-review process. All 11 papers were accepted for the final special issue. These papers cover the topics discussed at the conference well, ranging from uncertainty estimation, via learning hyperparameter tuning, to designing and utilizing geometric priors. We are excited and thankful to present these papers in openly available form to the community through MELBA, including the recorded conference talks, which can be found from the conference website.

The guest editors,
  • Aasa Feragen, Technical University of Denmark;
  • Mads Nielsen, University of Copenhagen;
  • Stefan Sommer, University of Copenhagen;
  • Julia Schnabel, Helmholtz Munich,Technical University of Munich, and King's College London.
Conference website: http://ipmi2021.org/

11 papers